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The velvety texture on some flocked hangers can wear off after time, but we haven’t had a problem with these hangers after four months of long-term testing. We’d also prefer to see the Proman Kascade offered in additional, alternative designs similar to The Container Store’s Basic Natural Wood Hangers line. A felt or textured pant bar would be a welcome addition, and the Kascade design’s standard but slim shoulder bars are probably not converting closet to office appropriate for long-term use with finer formal coats. If you care about reducing creases in your best pants, skirts, and suits, consider investing in clothing-specific hangers. For pants and trousers, we like The Container Store Chrome Pant Hangers. The PVC nonslip coating holds pant fabric firmly, allowing for easy browsing through a closet, but it also permits pants to slide off without sticking, in contrast to rubber-coated models.

By adding ample shelves for your books and a comfortable chair, you’ll have a quiet and cozy place to relax. If all of your more practical needs are already met, Zev Freidus, a house interior specialist and the founder of ZFC Real Estate, suggests turning a spare bedroom into a private lounge or den. The white tank dress with thin brown belt will give you a cute Mine-inspired look. Throw in cute cowboy boots and you have a perfect look for the tour.

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Up until recently, we’d been using the bottom of Grae’s closet to keep a couple of shelving units that housed her non-hanger-friendly clothes, and for storing bins of outgrown baby things. The bins made their way out to the garage where we have plenty of storage room and the clothes got shifted into a set of drawers that we already had in the room, and the project was on its way. In honour Miss G’s upcoming second birthday, we wanted to create a special area, something inviting and cozy, dedicated to her love of reading. She’s always had a ‘book corner’ of sorts in her room, but it’s shifted over time and really only consisted of a carpet or blanket, a pillow, and a basket of books.

Most guests likely won’t tell you if they feel the temp in your house is too cold at night, so this provides them flexibility without feeling like a burden. Regardless if you have a dedicated guest bedroom or your guests sleep on the sofa or blowup mattress, be sure to make the bed ultra cozy. Think about the Taylor Swift song or album that holds the most meaning to you. Choose a cute outfit inspired by the music video, album cover, or tour. On the original version of the Red album cover, Taylor wore classic black shorts with a white button-down top. The Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project Luxury Wooden Suit Hanger is a splurge investment, considerably more expensive than the competition.

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I knew that I only wanted to be able to store chapter books on this bookshelf. So I measured our chapter books and came up with these dimensions. Even kids can get in the act, like this closet nursery from @bloombaby.

The four essential elements of a perfect reading nook are a cozy place to sit, shelves for favorite books, light to read by, and a twist of magic. There are many ways to tackle this DIY project in your own home, but every cozy reading nook should check these boxes. If you choose to install a closet system, be sure to pick one that grows with you. Track systems allow for change or additions in the future as your wardrobe or lifestyle changes.

The Container Store Basic Natural Wood Hangers

I’m hoping they help mask just how much work our guest bathroom needs 😉 They’re so soft and have that nice fluffy feel that is so luxurious against your skin. Even with added layers on the bed, I like to set out an extra blanket or throw. Particularly when hosting couples or two people in one room, as one person may require extra covers even if the other doesn’t.