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Even though the big game had been starred in Dallas from the Packers and the Steelers, another game was happening behind-the-scenes: the greatest match between sex and sporting events.

The Super Bowl is the most watched television occasion of the season in the usa, both for people, so it is no surprise that Super Bowl 2011 had a large effect on United states sex lives. Personal dating internet site Zoosk done a study of over 1,000 singles to discover the partnership between love, sex, and football, as well as the results might replace the way you approach online game time forever.

The war associated with sexes, it turns out, is actually fought regarding baseball industry along with the bedroom. Gents and ladies were divided on who they hoped would make trophy: most men (57%) were rooting for the Green Bay Packers, while the almost all women (54percent) were cheering in the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Agreeing on a preferred user additionally proved to be a difficult feat. The ladies nominated Tom Brady when it comes to top spot, with 32% for the votes, followed closely by Drew Brees (20%), Peyton Manning (17percent), Brett Favre (14per cent), Jason Taylor (12%), and Ladainian Tomlinson (5per cent). Men, however, known as Brett Favre since their number 1, once again with 32percent on the ballots, followed by Peyton Manning (22percent), Drew Brees (18percent), Tom Brady (14percent), Ladainian Tomlinson (8per cent), and Jason Taylor (6per cent).

Something women and men could agree on, but was the section of ultra Bowl Sunday they liked the majority of:

  • 57% of singles said that they have a lot of stoked up about the online game itself.
  • 20percent reported liking the commercials well.
  • 16percent said they join for the partying.
  • 7% reported viewing the spectacle associated with half-time program.

Survey individuals in addition came together to vote for the most attractive player, a prize that visited Ryan Clark from the Steelers. Aaron Rodgers (Packers), Mason Crosby (Packers), and Hines Ward (Steelers) took the 2nd, next, and fourth locations.

And also being the house really appealing member in the game, Pittsburgh also overcome aside Green Bay in matters of really love and love. Whenever asked which town that’s home to a significant basketball team they might a lot of need check out for a romantic week-end, review individuals rated both Green Bay and Pittsburgh defectively – but Green Bay was available in lifeless final.

This may be arrived time for Zoosk to try to answer the most pressing concerns of one’s generation: In a battle between intercourse and also the Super Bowl, which is released at the top?

Nearly 50 % of male participants said they would favour intercourse than watch the online game, but a massive 73% of women said they would fairly be spending ultra Bowl Sunday at the television than in the sack!

Into the terms of Alexis Stevens: “it appears to be just like the basketball users is the sole types scoring Sunday night.”